Welcome to the Bacon Prison Store!
Here you can purchase our Donor Rank, and support the server!

Here you can buy the Informant Rank that gives:

  • A Custom Suffix on your name (Use /Suffix to change it)
  • 25K in game
  • /rename and /lore to customize your items
  • Ability to change your nickname with /nick
  • Access to /hat, so you can put a diamond block on your head!
  • Access to /wb (/workbench) for crafting on the go!
  • Use of /ec (/enderchest) to store your precious items 
  • A daily Kit with enchanted iron Armour and Tools
  • A range of immortal Pets to follow you around
  • A Special Donor Shop: 
    • Separate Area
    • Buys ores for 50% More
    • Sells special Custom Items unavailable to normal players
    • A Decoration Mine with Rare Decor Blocks
  • And More Features being added all the time!